about Us

Nizar Atallah Company is one of the distinguished companies that have followed authentic policies since the start in 2008

Professional and expert engineers

Nizar Atallah Company is one of the distinguished companies that have followed authentic policies since the start in 2008, and the company policy was based on scientific principles and realistic logical solutions. The company has been singled out by the presence of ambitiously and flexibly growing to proceed business strategy, seeking to achieve the leadership In the contracting sector, which is really reflected and shown in the volume of projects that have been completed during the past years

Our experience in the market has come as a result of the presence of the engineering staff with diverse specialties from mining engineers, geologists and civil engineers with experience and practice, headed by The Manager Eng. Nizar Atallah, a specialist in the field of rock cutting and mining for more than 30 years. As a result, we’ve become specialised in Rock cutting and reinforcing mountain facades, constructions and roads works in Mecca and the western region in KSA

Our services

Stablizing rock excavations and assist in providing solutions to geotechnical issues with the following:
Rock cutting and earth moving works using explosives materials for critical areas
Using Non Explosive Demolition for hard rocks
Road works in cooperation with the Ministry of Rural and Municipal Affairs and the Ministry of Communications

Our Vision

Successful planning, careful implementation and performance are our work standards that enhance our presence for integrated services in our field

Our Goal

An integrated work environment is our main goal, through which we invest in specialized competencies and expertise. With this, we can keep pace with the needs and requirements of the local market in line with the development process witnessed by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in various fields

Our Value

The satisfaction of our customers is our first concern, the professional quality, credibility and honesty, transparency and clarity, innovation and creativity, speed of performance and implementation, developing the skills of the technical and administrative staff of the company

Our quality

The quality factor is emphasized in Nizar Atallah Company, as every employee in our company is committed to adhering to the highest levels of quality in each of the company’s various activities. The company has implemented a large number of projects using the latest technologies and requirements in terms of quality, relying on a complete and qualified team working to follow up the application of quality standards

Our services

Construction, rock cutting, roads, and support work are the main specialty of Nizar Atallah Construction Company. The company is qualified to engage in any many projects in the holy capital and the western in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia